7. Store Diagnostics


Since the last program update (Store Manager for WooCommerce ver. the Store Diagnostics section is available for use!

The Store Diagnostics feature allows monitoring data and find an incorrect or incomplete details at your store with the ability to fix the issues. Open current section from the "Tools" tab of Store Manager.

Scroll down the list of possible actions on the left side, selecting the data you want to diagnose.

Default list is divided into three sections:

  • "Images" - related to the image assignings displaying in the store:

  • "SEO" - will find and display the records with non-standard titles, i.e. too small / too long product names:

  • "Common" - contains fields on product assigning and visibility, presence of product SKU identifier, duplicates in product URL keys etc.

Opposite each position there are the options for scanning and fixing the results.

For example, to fill the empty SKU fields in the records that were found after inspection, use the [Edit Product] button on the Diagnostics toolbar and specify SKU value in the form for each product separately.

Before running Store diagnostics set the necessary actions opposite selected fields.

Please note, only checked positions will be inspected.

You will see the summary results highlighted in red once the process is completed:

Each segment represents the corresponding position of diagnostics checkbox above.

On the right, you will see the dynamic toolbar that varies depending on the type of store diagnostics, chosen from the drop-down list:

"Select Specific Diagnostic" allows uploading results within the relevant diagnostics type and make some updates/changes with the help of toolbar options.

For example, you can preview the results of the "Product titles out of range" diagnostics on the right, and make the correction within the Store Diagnostics section:

After choosing the "External URLs in Description" type, you can also fix the incorrect URL paths in the product description fields with the [Edit Product] option:

[Go to Product] switches to the product on the Products page of Store Manager.

< - [Export Grid] - transfer resulted data to a file of the necessary format.

The diagnosed results are reflected in the diagrams below.

To get more details on diagnosing data for incorrectness or missing details in the store database, contact us and we will gladly provide you with necessary information and help.

Check the following guide about Store Diagnostics to get more information on this operation in Store Manager for WooCommerce:

WooCommerce Diagnostics – Troubleshoot Store Content Problems