3.8.2. Export Comments and Reviews


Store Manager for WooCommerce allows exporting comments and reviews with ratings to a CSV file or Google Sheets.

To export comments/reviews go to Catalog > Comments.

If you want to export specific comments, select them in the grid. Use the Search tool to filter comments by certain criteria.

Press Export Data to launch the export wizard:

Steps to export WooCommerce Reviews

  1. Export target.

Select where to export reviews: to a local file or Google Sheets.

Or check the option Upload file via FTP.

2. CSV delimiter.

Specify the delimiters that will be used to separate values in the exported CSV file:

3. Fields to export.

To add a field to the export file, double-click it or press an arrow.

To export all fields from the list, press the arrow with dots :

4. Export options.

Records to export - specify whether to export all or selected comments.

Advanced options:

  • Date&Time Formats, Separators - these settings can usually be left as they are.

  • Multiple values separator - leave default or specify another character.

  • Multiple records separator -

Press [Export]:

After the export is complete, select further action:

  • Nothing - just close the wizard.

  • Open directory containing result file.

  • Open result file.

Save configuration - press the button to save the settings you have configured to use them for future exports.

Press [Finish] to close the wizard.