1. Database Backup/Restore


The Database Backup/Restore wizard gives you the ability to configure possible database backup and restore scenarios:

  • Backup current store database

  • Restore over current backup

  • Backup multiple stores

Backup current store database

1. To be able to start backup procedure you need to launch the backup/restore wizard in Store Manager:

Important! To avoid issues with the database, we strongly recommend using Direct connection to the database to perform the backup/restore operations.

Choose the necessary action from the proposed:

2. Specify directory path to the file name for the backup or use the browse button to choose the required location.

3. Select tables you would like to backup. Most likely all tables will be checked, but you can check or uncheck any tables according to your needs.

You can use "Preset" option to merge and check the tables by the certain parameters:

< - To run selected filter parameter, press [Use Preset]

< - To create a new filter use the appropriate button

< - To remove an existing filter from the preset list click the corresponding button

4. You can save all shopping cart files and make exceptions if needed. Note, that you should have FTP connection established in order to download files. Also note, that it will slow-down the process.

There is also the possibility to save only database structure (tables with no data) in .sql file.

To be able to use backup settings next time, save all configuration directly in the backup wizard or transfer it to a file:

Attention! By clicking the [Backup] button you're saving the script into the file selected before.

5. In the last step you can preview the summary of the backup results:

Click [Finish] to close the wizard.

Restore over current backup

In case you have previously saved database backup, you can restore it, if needed. Follow few steps to perform this:

1. Go to Tools -> Database Backup/Restore - > Restore over current database

2. Specify the backup file name and path to restore from.

Use the browse button to find the backup file manually, to indicate the proper file charset choose "Auto detect" variant.

You can also load your previously saved restore settings to avoid reconfiguring each time, by helping with the relevant option at the bottom of the form:

3. [Default Database Script] allows you to check the backup script.

4. Force clear database before script execution allows you to clear default data from your store and to restore the backup.

Attention! By clicking the [Restore] button you're restoring the script over your current database. Please note that you will not be able to undo the restore unless you've got a backup of your original database.

4. The final step shows you the restore results. There you will see if any error occurs while execution.

The restore is completed. Click [Finish] to close the wizard.

Backup multiple stores

To make Database Backup for multiple stores simultaneously launch the Database Backup/Restore wizard:

1. Select [Backup multiple stores]:

2. Specify any file name and directory for the backup. You will see the databases you have, as shown on the illustration below. Check the ones for which you'd like to make the backup:

By clicking the [Backup] button you're saving script files into the directory specified before.

3. On the next page you're able to preview backup details and check the results.

Then click [Finish] to close the wizard.