2.1. Base Operations


This chapter describes the main operations with Store Manager's categories that are available on the top toolbar.

1. The [Add New] category button calls the edit form with the relevant fields, which should contain basic data on the created category.

2. [Edit Category] opens the form where you can change the basic data:

  • Rename a category, change category destination, amend a description or assign a different image.

3. To remove a category(ies) from the category tree, you should select it (them) and press the corresponding button:

4. [Columns for Preview] allows you to select the columns that you want to make available on the category page.

5. To expand or collapse columns width use the corresponding buttons.

6. For automatic adjustment of columns width press this button in the category toolbar.

7. To go directly from Store Manager to the Category page in the front-end use the right-click to call the context menu, then press the relevant option, as shown below:

8. Press [View Category Admin Panel] to check the basic categories settings at your store's back-end. You should note, the link to your Admin Panel will be re-directed correctly in case you specified the properly store URL path in the "Preferences" section of Store Manager: