2. Automated Backup


Backups help ensure, that your files aren't permanently lost or damaged.'Automated Backup' or 'Script Execution' tool serves for performing database backup or run SQL script based on a specified schedule, thus to save your time and be able to protect your database from possible disruptions.

Automated backup

Use this section toolbar to perform the following operations:

Backups toolbar

- press 'Create or Modify Configuration' button to launch backup wizard and configure backup settings (see the chapter about Backup / Restore Database);

- if you have already configured the backup configuration, you may choose it from drop-down list next to the 'Configuration' field and click on the 'Run Backup' with current configuration button;

Configuration field

-add selected backup configuration to scheduler.

Add current Backup to Scheduler

Open the scheduler form where you can see the main parameters for settings:

- task scheduler name - choose from drop-down or type manually;

- task type - this field is not active for the user editing and is filled by default

-task-configuration - select the configuration name which you will be used for automated backup

- specify the time period when this backup will run, i.e. daily, weekly, monthly and at once.

Scheduler form

- depending on the period, you have chosen, complete the following fields:

а) start time of the procedure with the specification of the particular day;

Daily scheduler

b) the start time of the procedure and the particular day of the week;

Weekly scheduler

c) the start time of the procedure with indication of particular day of the month:

Monthly scheduler

d) the start date and start time of the procedure:

At once scheduler

You can configure in additional the repetitive task which is the bottom of the form by selecting the checkbox next to the appropriate field and assigning the periodicity of this process.

Repeat task

Scheduled task list is a list of tasks stored in your Windows scheduler. You can call it by using the appropriate button in the backups toolbar:

Show scheduled task

To open scheduled tasks list in your Widnows OS go to Addons -> choose Show Scheduled Tasks option.

Show scheduled tasks

Script Execution

In case you need to run SQL scripts frequently, Automated Script Execution option will be useful for you.

NOTE!: Do not run Script, if you are not sure, that SQL is working properly and will not corrupt your database.

In this section you can find Automated Script Execution settings, which allows you to perform following operations:

Click Create or Modify Import Configuration button to run Wizard and configure settings:

Create or modify script

If you have already configured the restore database configuration you can choose it from the drop-down next to the 'Configuration' field and press 'Run Script' button:

Run Script button

Click on "Add Current Script Execution to Scheduler" button to specify task name, time and frequency.

Add current script to scheduler

Show scheduled tasks option. Here you can find your task to restore your database along with other windows tasks performed regularly.

Show scheduled tasks script

By using the top toolbar you can add or delete task, see properties, refresh list and run task:

Tasks toolbar

You can use the same buttons as in automated backup procedure (refresh, delete, restore etc).

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