5.1 Search Users


The "Search" option calls the form in which you can specify:

  • "Text to search"
Search users form

Note: if you specify the * sign in the "Text to search" field, the whole user's list will be shown in the result table below.

  • "Fields to search in" from the drop-down list:
Fields to search
  • "Fields match condition":
Fields match condition
  • The search conditions:
Match condition area
  • "Number of rows" to be shown in the search results.
Number of rows

In the results table data that matches your requirements will be displayed.

Columns for preview tool

To go directly from the search form to the customer, you have to double-click selected user.

  • Create your own parameter based on the filtered data. Use the option at the bottom of the "Search" form:
Create own filter option

After this, you can see the parameter among the others on the "User" page (as shown on the illustration below):

Create own filter parameter

The useful article contains information on the current theme:

WooCommerce Customer Management