3.2 Product Search


Search product form allows you to customize the search process so that the data which are required at the current time will be found.

Go to the Product page and press 'Search' option in the top toolbar to call the Search form.

Search options

In the field to search specify the text (use the whole word or type the initial letters of the necessary text).

Text to search

In the search options box below you have an opportunity to check the fields that will be taken into account in the search process. Use browse button to open the drop-down list with possible fields parameters and also check the fields below to refine the process:

- fields match condition;

- instant results;

- a number of rows which will be displayed in the results.

Fields to search in

'Columns for preview' option serves for optimal reflection - among the possible variants check necessary one(s) and selected columns will be shown in the tabular search results.

Columns for preview

You can save the specified search text and add to a separate filter.

Create own filter

Now you can see it on the Products page:

Newly-created filter paramenter

To remove unused filter parameters from the filter list press the corresponding button in the lower toolbar:

Delete current filter

How to use filter tools and parameters to get the necessary data displayed on the Products page, you can find in the following useful article:

How to Create WooCommerce Product Filter and Search Throughout Products .

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