Automated Product Import

MainAutoImportForm, fmHTMLMessageDialog, fmAddSchedulerTask

The last program's update led to the new possibility of product importing - Automated Products Import.

Go to Addons - > Automated Product Import and you will see the form that consists of two panes:

  1. The left one (1) displays the snapshots - the relevant images of the process that allow you to see all imported data and results. Current pane represents as a list of the checkboxes with the appropriate date (period of planned imports executing according to the schedule).

  2. The right pane (2) shows the results of imports. It is divided into two panels visually - the upper displays the data before import performance and the lower - the result of the import, i.e. the data which were modified, removed or added as the new positions. Each of the following states corresponds to a certain color, specified in the appropriate colored squares below (as you can see in the screenshot below).

To add the task to the schedule it needs to be created, firstly. By helping with the [Create or Modify Configuration] button open the Import wizard and go through the steps of the base import procedure.

On the last step, you should see the field for import configuration file. Specify the filename and save it by using the button below.

The [Save (Page Down)] closes the Import of Products wizard.

After that, you only need to select the necessary record from the list for its activation:

The summary of the import you will see in the pop-up window which appears after the process is completed.

The results of the process are reflected in the "Preview Changes" pane shown below.

Add import to the schedule

The next step - to make the current import process automated. Choose the button that opens the Scheduler form (as you can see in the illustration below):

Select the configuration you want to schedule from the drop-down list.

Take a note, if you connect to your store via the bridge, you will be able to see two extra fields related to such type of connection.

The next part of the form relates to the frequency of an operation.

You can choose between monthly, daily or weekly intervals or set a single transaction on a certain day and time.

You can also set the repetition of the operation . For this, in the lower area of the form, specify necessary informatin in the fields, i.e. frequency and time in minutes.

Press the [OK] button to close the Scheduler form and save current task to the scheduled tasks list.

If the task was performed according to the schedule, the status "Never" will appear in front of the task name.

If the task has to be performed in future, you will see the date and time of its next execution.