6.3. Mass Product Tags Changer


You are welcome to update multiple product tags by using the Mass Changer tool.

Find particular option on the top toolbar of the "Product Tags" page in Store Manager:

The same option is available in the context menu:

The initial page of Mass Product Tags Changer contains the options to add and delete fields to be updated.

The [Add Line] button creates the boxes with the relevant details that should be modified. You can perform the change in two fields massively:

Depending on the selected position, the next boxes should contain the following:

    • "Set to" - set fixed values for the selected field.

    • "Replace Value" allows specifying the value you want to replace for a certain product tag(s) in the "Find Text" field, respectively, in the "Replace With" field you should indicate the value, the previous one should be replaced by.

    • "Use expression" - apply special formula to modify data by using Expression Editor.

In case you need to clear some positions, press the option opposite the field you want to delete, or you can remove all data at once that was specified before, with the [Clear All] button (see the illustration below):

In the top area of the Mass Product Tags Changer form indicate the tags you want to update - the ones you selected or all tags, available at your store.

Press the [Preview] button to check the correctness of data for updating:

If you see some inaccuracies, return to the initial step of the Mass Product Tags Changer form and make necessary corrections with the corresponding option:

You can save the actual configuration and use it for future operations with the [Save configuration] button:

You can also open necessary configuration from embedded mass changer's list or from a file:

To massively remove unnecessary positions at once, choose the "Clear list" option. To delete the selected one use "Delete configuration."