Quick Settings

"Quick Settings" - the options of fast action, including the following:

Reconnect Store Manager

This caption serves for reloading connection that is currently using in Store Manager. It will be useful, provided that your connection was changed.

Restore Default Layout

In case you performed some manipulations with the sections of Store Manager: changed the position of windows, shifted or minimized some sectors etc - you can easily return to the default Store Manager's view after clicking on the appropriate button:

Quick Switch Connection

In the case of multiple stores management you can switch from one store to another one without going to the Settings - Preferences - Database Connection.

You can just select the necessary connection from the drop-down list after pressing this option:

This option can be reached also from the top of the Store Manager window (see in the illustration below):

Please note, the list contains only previously set up connections to your stores.

For detailed information about this option check this chapter, please.