4. Orders Management

The "Orders" section consists of the main order details divided into two panes:

Orders section panes

By with the top toolbar you can perform such operations as:

  • [Add New] order (will be available soon in the nearest release of Store Manager):
Add new order option
  • [Refresh] the orders page and make some changes in order details:
Edit users details
  • To filter order list by the appropriate parameters - use the built-in filter tools:
  1. [Group Box] allows grouping store data at your discretion via drag-and-drop column headings feature.
Group box filter tool

2. Filter row:

Filter row tool

3. Resize columns width tools:

Adjust columns width

4. To transfer orders details from Store Manager to a separate file use the [Export Grid] option. You can choose the necessary file format in which you want to save your data:

Export Grid

5. Starting from the last program update (version 1.11.0:811) you are able to:

Export/import orders data
  • Create and print an invoice for the selected order:
Invoice option
  • Generate and print a receipt for a purchase:
Receipt function

A receipt contains a store name, address, product range and the main parameter of the order - total price and a number of purchased items:

Check the guides below to find more information concerning Orders Management and its main features:

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