8. Media Library


The "Media Library" section represents the list of all media files of your store.

It could be some photos, illustrations, videos, audios or text files that are attached to products and are shown on the front-end.

You can filter necessary media positions by using the filter options below:

1. Choose from the drop-down menu the required filter parameter:

2. Select the appropriate date when certain media files were added to the library.

In case you want to create your own filter parameter and assign it to the existing filter, list use the [Filter] button.

Media positions that correspond to the indicated parameters will display in the result table of the search form.

The newly-created parameter will be added to the drop-down parameters list.

You can see the basic information on the selected file in the right pane. To update specified data press the [Edit] button on the toolbar. Change the main data on selected image, like title, post name, file URL etc.

You are able to add or modify some information details in the description field concerning selected media file - the text that most accurately hands over the content of the image.

The [View] button helps to display the particular number of media files on one screen.

In addition, you can perform the following operations with the existing media gallery:

1. [Add New] media:

2. The [Edit] button allows to modify or change details of the selected media position.

3. To delete media files from the library use the option for removal:

[Columns for preview] contains the list of columns with data that can be shown in the informational box of the right pane.

[List View] allows to preview media files as a list with the data columns:

[Card View] serves to display media files as blocks (cards) on the screen:

If you choose the "List View" option you can see the additional tools for data display:

    • [Auto Width] - automatically expand the columns width, depending on their content

    • [Adjust columns width] - expand columns width within the window’s size

    • Filter tools help to find the required medias in few clicks:

        • [Group box] allows to built the data-tree in the concrete sequence of your own manners:

        • 2. Filter row calls the top row line beyond the columns heading, where you can specify any value you want to filter by:

To place media files separately from the Library use the [Export Grid] option. You should open its drop-down menu and choose the necessary type of exporting file.

If you have a large media-base, use [Search] to speed up the searching process of necessary items.

If you use context menu in the "Media Library" section, you will be able to follow to the page where you can see selected media file and return to the back-end office to modify it:

Starting from the Store Manager version, there are new columns in Media Library:

  • "Caption"

  • "Size"

Note: Image sizes are updated gradually.


There is also a new possibility to change image meta in bulk. For this, press [Generate meta] and select the options you want to generate for the selected images:

You can perform the same with one image, as well:

"Caption" and "Alt Text" are generated from the product name the selected image is assigned to. "Description" is generated from the short description of the product.

The “Overwrite existing values” checkbox indicates whether you want to overwrite the image meta values, or add the empty values. Select or unselect the checkbox, respectively.

Please check the following guide if you have additional questions concerning Media Library in Store Manager for WooCommerce:

WooCommerce Media Library. How to Upload Images to Media Library

Contact our support center and we will gladly provide with necessary assistance and information.