PDF Catalog Creator

fmProducts, fmPreferences

The PDF Catalog Creator addon is now available in top Store Manager's menu.

To be able to add products to the catalog in the PDF Creator addon, select the necessary ones on the Products page and choose the required command in the context menu:

Please note, current addon is not registered by default, and works in Demo Mode. This means you can operate with only 20 products.

To be able to use the PDF Catalog Creator in full, you need to order a separate license at the addon's page and register it in the appropriate form.

Follow one of the ways to call the registration form:

  1. Go to Preferences - > Settings - > Addons - > PDF Catalog Creator. Click the status sign to specify the license key in the form, which appears:

2. Launch the addon from the Addons' top section. You should see the following message on the Welcome page:

3. Press [Yes] to open the form for registration.

To get more information on PDF Catalog Creator addon visit our online documentation page - PDF Catalog Creator