1.4. SSH Tunneling


Let's check how to set up a direct connection to your store's database over SSH.

If for some reasons direct connection via port 3306 is not allowed, there is another way - secure SSH connection. Actually, SSH is a kind of tunnel between two computers - your and your server. Look here for more details about SSH. Please make sure that SSH access is enabled and configured on your hosting account. Please contact your hosting company to enable and configure it. You will NOT be able to use SSH connection until Hosting Company enables it.

The only info you need, if you checked authentication method by password, is SSH Host (in some cases you can use the same as your Database host), username, password and remote port number. You're welcome to contact your hosting company to find out your username and password and to verify if the 22 port is used.

If you had provided a private key to connect via SSH protocol, check the next type of authentication (by "Private key") and load it from a file that is contained at your computer.

Click the [Test Connection] button to check whether all settings are specified correctly and proceed successfully.

Note: SSH settings do not override MySQL settings. To connect to your database using SSH you must specify all required MySQL parameters (Direct Connection to MySQL Server), as well as SSH.