1.2 Connection Settings Name


This chapter describes the step by step instructions how to create a new configuration, rename existing one, delete or clone connection from the list, save current or all configurations to a separate file.

Go to Settings-> Preferences (F12) -> Database Connection tab.

Create new connection

To start working with your store first of all you have to select or create your Store Configuration (connection settings name) recommend to use your store name or some other informative name.

You can 'Load your configuration' from the file if you have saved configuration settings previously.

Load configuration

Also, you can select any configuration from the drop-down in order to switch between your stores.

Switch between store connections

1. Create new configuration name:

1.1. Use the corresponding option in this tab and specify the name for your store configuration (for more convenience use the name directly related to the store which you are connecting to);

Add new configuration name

1.2. Click 'OK' to save or 'Cancel' to discard this entry.

Add new configuration form

In the drop-down list which appears after pressing browse button next to the Store name field, you can see and use newly created configuration.

New configuration in the dropdown list

You have a possibility to add as many database connections to the list as you need.

2. If you want to work with the default database, just check the 'Local (Embedded) database' field.

Use local (embedded) database

3. To be able to clone your configuration with all settings details select "Other Actions" -> Clone configuration option.

Clone Configuration

4. Rename configuration:

- press Other Actions button next to store name field and select Rename configuration from the drop-down.

Rename configuration

- change your configuration name in the appropriate window.

Rename configuration form

- click 'OK' to save this entry.

5. To delete your configuration select the appropriate action from the drop-down list and confirm it. Note that you won't be able to undo this action!

Delete configuration

6. To save current configuration and its settings select the corresponding button in Database Connection tab.

Save configuration option

7. To have an opportunity to save all connections from the list to a separate file open 'Other Actions' drop-down menu and choose 'Save all configurations' command.

Save all configurations

This option can be used if you would like to move your connection settings to new PC or re-install Store Manager using complete un-installation.

Load configuration from a file

8. To load your local database configuration press Load configuration button - and browse contents of your local folders to select the existing configuration.

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