9. Product Types


By using the drop-down list during product creation you can choose one of the following product types:

All product types list

A simple product - is any product that you can sell. This type has the General, Inventory, Shipping, Linked, Attributes and Advanced tabs for filling.

Simple product type

Grouped product - a product which contains the simple ones, combined (grouped) by the specific property. For example, the clothing can be grouped by model, size or color, the monitor can be grouped by the screen resolution or brand as well.

Once you have selected a grouped type during product creation the general and shipping tabs are disappeared and you have to fill the Inventory, Linked products, Attributes and Advanced tabs in Product Data form.

Grouped product

An External or affiliate product is the type of product available in your product list with all main information details such as description, price value, assigned attributes etc., but in order to acquire it you have to click on the link to another place, where it can be purchased.

After choosing this product type the 'Inventory' and 'Shipping' tabs are disappeared from the main tabs list and in the 'Product Data' form you have to specify the full URL path to the current product in the appropriate field.

External/Affilate product

A variable is the product type which consists of different variations. Each of them can have their own price value, quantity or number (SKU). For example, the one size of dress has different color variations and, conversely, the one color of the appropriate dress represented in various sizes.

Variable product type

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