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Store Manager allows you to work with a third-party program (Report Tool) for report developing and editing. You can check the following manual to better understand its functional.

Reports are documentst that contain information on the products, orders, customers movement at your store. 

You can preview already built-in report documents in the relevant section of Store Manager, or create your own report. For this you will need some  SQL skills.

Each report consists of two main parts:

In the Reports section of Store Manager there is the list of available reports with the toolbar panel that allows to:

To modify report click the [Edit Report] button. The form with two tabs will appear:

The first tab - "SQL Editor" - allows to retrieve data from the store database and display it in the report document. In this tab, you can edit created SQL query or replace it with the [Open Query From File] option. To simplify the creation task, launch [Visual Query Builder] from the top panel:

You shuold see the selected database tables with the checked fields in the left pane of the builder form. 

You can also add the additional terms, such as aggregate, sort type, grouping etc. to the queries. All these additions will be reflected at the bottom of the window.

To verify the query, use the upper option on the top area of the form called [Run Query] and get the results in the tab.

Press [Export to Excel] to save your creation to a separate file, or click  the [OK] button to move to the next step of report editing / creation:

The second tab - "Report Designer" - provides information that should be displayed in the current report document. Data is placed in the relevant boxes called "bands."

The main structural elements for report creating are:

Report bands

You can add more data in each band using other options from the toolbar panel, such as:

Once you have completed your report design, click the [Preview] button to see how your report looks. You can find it directly in the top toolbar:

You can also use the [File] icon to open the menu with the necessary command:

To better understand how to create a report press [About] on the toolbar and select "Help Contents..." from the dwop-down:

This option uploads the document with the step-by-step description. 

Please contact us today with a sample of your report and we'll provide you estimated time and cost.