5.4 Mass User Changer


You can update users data in bulk with the Mass Changer tool located on the top toolbar. You can also launch this option from the drop-down list of the context menu:

Select some positions to modify details in the users data or run Mass User Changer for all users in the list.

On the initial page of the Mass User Changer form you can see the option for new line creating.

In the first box choose the field which data should be updated. Depending on the selected position, the next boxes should contain the following:

  • "Set to" - set fixed values for selected field:

  • "Replace Value":

"Use Expression" - apply special formula to modify the data in Expression Editor

To add as many fields to update as you need press [Add Line]:

In order to delete unnecessary positions from the list, use the buttons for removal opposite each field, or press [Clear All] to delete all data in the form:

In the top area of the Mass User Changer form indicate the items you want to update - the ones that were chosen or all users, registered at your store.

If presaved configurations are available, you can easily upload it in the following field:

In order to be able to use current configuration during the next Mass User Changer operations, click [Save configuration]:

In case you need to delete existing configuration, find and use the option for removal from the list, or clear all configurations at once after pressing "Clear list".

The [Preview] button allows to check data to be updated in a separate window-form and, in case any errors or inaccuracies, return back to the initial page to make necessary corrections.

To launch the Mass User Changer operation, click the [OK] button.