1.11 Multistore Management

Do you use the WordPress Multisite feature and run multiple WooCommerce stores in one database?

Here is how you can manage all of them with a single installation of Store Manager for WooCommerce:

  1. Connect to the store database following the Quick Start Guide.

  2. After the connection is established you will see an icon with the name of the main store on the toolbar. Click the icon to see a list of available sites:

To switch to another store double-click its name. The data associated with the selected site (catalog tree, products, orders, media library, users) will be automatically displayed in Store Manager:

Important notes on the Multisite feature:

You can select and manage one site at a time.

For example, when you are adding a new product it will be added only to the current store and not any of the other stores.

During bulk operations (import/export products, updates via Mass Changer) changes are also applied only to the selected site.