5. Users Management

Users Management of Store Manager for WooCommerce shows a list of existing in-store customers (users) and is divided into two panes. The left one displays a list of roles created in your Admin Panel for the customers, the right pane reflects user's basic information, such as name, address (shipping and billing), email address etc.

Users page

User Roles

The role area allows you to view your customer's roleswith the help of built-in filter tools:

  • [Group Box] helps to built the data-tree you want to be displayed in the specified order.
'Group box' option

Once the tree is built, the data is grouped according to the columns you have selected. You can also return to the previous column placement just dragging it back.

  • Filter row calls the line of the row that allows you to define necessary word (the first letters) or value (relates to the column with price, quantity etc) in the required column's heading.
Filter Row tool
  • [Columns for preview] allows you to choose data you want to be displayed.
Columns for Preview
  • To update roles area press [Refresh] on the top toolbar:
Refresh option
  • In order to adjust columns width, click the corresponding button on the toolbar:
Adjust column width
  • The auto-sizing column width is located on the top toolbar as well:
Auto size column width
  • Export the existing role's list to a separate file of various formats with the [Export Grid] option:
Export Grid option

Manage Users

Users details can be managed with the context menu of the "Users" section of Store Manager:

Users Context Menu

The same options are available on the top toolbar of this section. You can perform the following base operations:

Top Toolbar of Users section

1. Edit already created user's data -> [Edit User]

Edit user form
  • The "General" tab:
General tab in Edi User form
  • The "Billing Address" tab - physical or legal address of your company:
Billing Address tab in Edit Product Form
  • The "Shipping Address" tab - an address where the order should be delivered to:
Shipping Address tab in Edit Product Form
  • The "Personal" tab in the product edit form looks as follows:
Personal tab in Product Edit form

You can save your entries by clicking the [Apply] button.

Delete selected user

2. Remove a user from the store- > [Delete User]

3. [Export Grid] - transfer data to a separate file:

Export Grid option
Adjust column width

4. Adjust columns width.

Auto column width

5. Resize users’ columns width.


Send Email

In the "Users" section you also have the possibility to send emails to the selected users. Press the [Send Email] button on the top toolbar of the "Users" pane or find the same option in the menu called with the right-click:

In the "Quick Email" form fill in the fields with the necessary details, choose a template from the list or compose a custom list without template selecting, specify title (name) of the selected template, its subject, make some updates in the template description, if necessary.

The [Preview] button shows how the completed message looks before sending.

Once the message is sent, you will see the pop-up confirmation.

The email should be sent via Store Manager and you can monitor the outgoing mailing in the relevant section.

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