3.8.1. Import Comments and Reviews


Store Manager for WooCommers lets you import reviews, comments, and ratings to your WooCommerce store.

You can import reviews and comments from the following sources:

  • Local folder (CSV format)

  • Google Sheets

  • FTP link

  • HTTP link

The import file structure

The import file should include the following data:

  • Product Name or SKU (for product identification)

  • Date or ID of the comment (for the comment identification)

  • Author name

  • Author email (if available)

  • Comment itself

  • Type (review or comment)

  • Rating (if available, enter as a number)

  • Status (if the status is not specified in the file, comments will be imported as approved)

Note: to import multiple comments/reviews to a product, the product name or SKU must be inputted in each row along with the comment details.

Steps to import reviews

To import reviews, on the side menu navigate to Catalog > Comments. Press Import Data on the toolbar:

  1. Specify the source of import and select the file.

Press [Next]:

2. If you are importing a CSV file, specify delimiters and quote characters that are used to separate data.

If you are importing from Google Sheets, select a sheet and preview data. Press [Next]:

3. Link database fields to the fields from the source file.

Specify the Identification Field: date or comment ID.

Next, link fields from the file to the WooCommerce database fields.

Find a WooCommerce database field in the left column and specify the corresponding field from the import file in the second column. Use the preview in the right pane to find matching columns:

4. Specify the import option.

  • Add and Modify - if the import file contains new and existing comments/reviews, new ones will be imported, and existing ones will be updated.

  • Add only - if the import file contains new and existing comments/reviews, new will be imported, and existing will be skipped.

  • Modify only - existing comments/reviews will be updated, and the new ones will be skipped.

  • Just add - all comments/reviews from the file will be added as new without checking for existing comments.

Next, expand Advanced options, go to the option Product identify by, and select the identifier used in your import file: Product Name, Products ID, or Product SKU.

After all the options are specified, press [Import]:

The reviews have been imported and now are visible in the Comments section.