9.1. Product Variations


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Variable product is a product with different variations. For example, clothing at the store has different variants of style, color, and size. "Dress" - a variable product, and the color of this dress or dress size - its variations.

Each product variation can have its own price, SKU, stock quantity and other properties.

To create the current type of product, click the [Add New] button in the "Product Data" tab and select from the drop down list the necessary variant.

Add variable product

After selecting, you should get an additional tab "Variations" where you can specify variation options.

Go to Attributes section button

Go to the current product and open the "Attributes" tab. Choose the attributes from the drop-down list. For example, add color and size, create the corresponding options to each of them.

Add attributes and put a tick

To add the attributes that are not in the existing list, use the button on the toolbar:

Add new attributes terms

When attributes are added you can go to the "Variants" tab and press the [Add Variation] button.

'Add Variation' option

Fill the fields in the lower table with the following information:

Choose attributes position

Press the [Edit] button on the right to be able to specify additional details of the current product variation:

Fill the Variation form

Take into account, to be able to see the appropriate image of selected product variation in the front-end, it should be available and chosen from the media library.

Please see an illustration below:

Select image for the selected variant of product from the media gallery

You should note, if the values for such fields as SKU, weight, dimensions, stock quantity and status not being indicated during variation creating , they will be taken automatically from the general values of the variable product.

Do not forget to press the [Apply] button to save your entries.

Create variations you need and check the variations list in the particular tab:

Variation list

Generator tool helps to create variations of a product at once, based on the specified attributes in the relevant form:

The generator left pane

You can indicate additional data to the product variants, which are creating. Use the same form of Generator option:

Generator right pane

This area can be unfilled. In this case, the base values for the variations will be taken from the main variable product automatically.

You can set the default values for the product variations - these values will be displayed on the product page at your store by default.

Set Default Values option

Otherwise, in the absence of these settings, visitors of your online store will be able to choose a particular color and size of the product variation on their own.

To delete some positions from the variations list, press the option for removal from the top toolbar:

Delete Selected Variations option

There is the list of possible actions you can apply to the variations you have got. For example, to set the "Regular price" for the selected positions, choose an action and in the field, which appears on the toolbar, specify the required value.

The next option allows to assign the specified value to the selected positions:

'Go' button

For example, if it is necessary to add the record on product variations description field in bulk, it will be enough to select required positions from the Variations list and check the appropriate action from the drop-down menu:

Set Description in a Bulk

You will see an option to specify the description in the information box:

Press 'Go' button to activate your latest modifications

The [Apply] button saves your entry.

Press 'Apply' to save your entries

You can see the product variations in the front-end now.

Product Variations in the Front-End

Follow to your online store and select the other items the variable one with created variations. From the drop-down lists choose the required product's size and color.

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