3. What is the difference between data in files obtained when using the Export Grid option and Export Wizard tool

To export the data to a file, use one of the following options:

Two export options

- ‘Export Grid’ allows keeping data to a separate file of the following formats.

- ‘Export Data’ Wizard serves for transferring data to the CSV file passing through the appropriate steps of the wizard.

Let assume, we need to export the store user details .

Select the users on the Users page of Store Manager prepared to export and press 'Export Grid' button. You will see the drop-down list of possible formats.

Open the drop-down Export Grid list

Let's choose the CSV variant . Specify the filename in the field and press 'OK' to proceed .

The transferring is completed.

Now launch the Export Wizard and go through the export wizard steps.

Launch the Export wizard

1. Specify the filename in the appropriate field.

Specify filename

2. Check the correctness of a delimiter character which will be used to separate the data in the file.

Delimiter step

3. Move fields from the left to the right to form a list of the data which to be exported. To perform this, involve the options in the middle or 'drag-and-drop' method.

The more fields on the right - the more details will be transferred.

Fields to export

4. Options step allows making the additional configuration in the date and time formats, in determining the number of exported records before starting the process.

Export Options step

5. Launch export by pressing the appropriate button .

6. Press 'Finish' to close the Wizard.

Let's compare the data in two files.

In the first one, by using the Export Grid option, we got the user details which have been selected in Store Manager - from the main user grid only.

File with export grid

The another one contains the data from the upper and lower user grids.

File with export wizard

I.e. the second file is much more comprehensive and contains detailed information on users .

Thus, 'Export Grid' option allows quickly save the data to a file of the specific format, but only the selected details without the information in the lower grid of Store Manager.

To maximize the amount of information it is necessary to use Export Wizard tool while you are able choosing the fields of data which will be stored separately .

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