3.6. Customize Top Toolbar


You can perform some customization with the toolbar context menu. Move the mouse cursor to the top panel and with right-click call the context menu.

You can zoom icons of the toolbar, if you choose first selection. To return to the previous view, unselect this position.

< - These options allow you to change the toolbar location within a specific area - from the top to the bottom of the section.

It is possible to move somoe parts of the toolbar with the drag-and-drop method to place them as you wish.

< - "Lock the toolbar" and "Lock all toolbars" allow to enable or disable the possibility to drag-and-drop the toolbar's options along the toolbar area.

< - The "Customize..." feature allows you to create your own toolbar with its own set of options.

< - To do this, specify a name of a new toolbar.

Next, drag the required options from the command box to the new toolbar's location. You will get a new panel with the options you have chosen. You can add as many commands as you need from the list of available ones, thus forming your own toolbar.