3. Product Management


The current chapter describes all possible operations with products data in the Products section of Store Manager.

Product page

To perform the necessary actions use the appropriate options on the Products page:

Products top toolbar

Base Operations:

- add a new product:

Add product option

- edit the existing one(s):

Edit selected product

- trash option allows to place the selected items in a trash and not permanently erase them from the store.

Transfer to trash

To restore the items back to the available product grid use the option in the main toolbar that appears on the 'Trash' button's place and accessible for products with the appropriate status.

Restore item from trash

- completely remove selected item(s) from the product list:

Delete Permanently option

- use the filter to display the necessary data, i.e. group box , filter row options, the filter by the appropriate parameters (all grouped, from the selected categories, without categories etc.):

Use filter option

- export product data to the file of various formats:

Export grid

The possibility to copy/paste and clone products' details is now available in the last program update (starting from the version 1.16.0. Build:1001)

You can see the new options in the top toolbar of Products page.

Select the items you need to duplicate/copy and press an icon as in the illustration below:

Take a note, the following elements of products information can be copied/duplicated :

Be sure all necessary data are selected since only the checked positions will be processed.

Important! From now you are able to copy or clone the products with the variations as well - check the appropriate checkbox in the copy/clone form to duplicate the necessary variable details:

The product page represents the list of the store products as a table with the appropriate columns, where you can see the basic information, such as name, type of product, price and regular (adjustable) price and others.

Besides, scrolling through the list of products you are able to view the illustration to them.

Increase image in size

- refresh data forces product list update.

Refresh button

It is useful when you're changing connection or have any doubts like is the latest data displayed.

- auto-size columns width and adjust columns width options you can find in the top toolbar as well:

Adjust and automate columns width

To assign a product to the appropriate category use the drag-and-drop method:

Assignment product to the category

- Assign variant - if you choose current action products will be assigned to the selected categories and the previous assignment will be saved as well.

- Move variant - the second actions allows to assign the products to the specific category(ies) and un-assign them from the others.

Check the following article to get more detailed information about assignment products to the categories in bulk:

How to Bulk Assign Categories to WooCommerce Products

In order to better use the options of filtering visit the page below:

How to Create WooCommerce Product Filter and Search Throughout Catalog

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