7. Attributes


Attributes section allows you add more information details about the products and help users further refine search process of desired items.

Run Store Manager, go to Store tab and choose the appropriate section from the available list.

Attributes section

To be able to add new attribute press the corresponding button in the toolbar:

Add attributes option

or from the context menu:

Attributes context menu

In the form which activates specify the basic attribute's data:

Adding form
    • attribute name and slug - these fields are mandatory and must be unique.
    • establish whether current attribute will be available on the product page of the store front-end (check or un-check the 'public' field).
    • choose attribute type - there are available two options:

Text allows you enter text manually while Select type allows choose pre - arranged terms in the drop-down list.

Attributes type
  • select from the drop-down list the sort order variant - you can choose from the following selections:
Default Sort Order

1) custom ordering

2) name

3) numeric

4) term ID.

For example, if you choose 'custom ordering' position you have an opportunity to drag and drop terms in the current attribute.

Once you have finished with the main attribute data press 'Apply' button and navigate to the right pane, where you can add necessary attribute's terms.

Add terms

Let's create the 'size' attribute - its terms should be the basic size parameters like as Small (S) , Medium (M), Large (L), Extra Large (XL).

Fill the necessary details for each field of the terms area and press 'Apply' to save all changes.

Attributes size terms

Now the newly created attribute is added to the attributes list and can be assigned to the relevant products of your store.

In case you need to change some information attributes details press 'Edit' button.

You are able to remove one or more attributes from the attributes list by clicking on the 'Delete' option in the toolbar .

To update page data hit the 'Refresh' button.

'Columns to preview' - helps select columns which will be reflected on the attributes page.

Columns to preview

To adjust columns width click on the appropriate option on the attributes toolbar.

The automatic re-sizing columns width ensures an appropriate options .

For reporting you can keep (save) the data from the current section to a separate file of certain format - click on the appropriate option on the toolbar named 'Export Grid' which calls the drop-down list.

Export Grid

Among all variants select such format that the best suits for storing your data.

'Group Box' tool allows grouping store data at your discretion by helping with 'drag-and-drop' column headings feature.

Group Box option

It gives you a possibility to build the appropriate data-tree. For instance, need to group the attributes by the type and 'slug' columns. To perform this, simply drag and drop the necessary headers in the 'Group box' field one by one.

Check an example below:

Group Box tool

If you drag column header back it will be placed between the columns where you drop it.

The filter row tool calls the top row where you can specify your own search option (choose the column with the data you want to filter and at the top line enter the necessary value ). Your data will be filtered by this parameter.

The following useful article helps to get mode information on the current theme as well:

WooCommerce Attributes Management

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