1.1. Connect through Store Manager Connector


Since the last program update the support for connection to the store through native WooCommerce module has been added.

Upload, Install, Activate Module in the Admin Panel

By using the direct link

Please use the direct link to upload zipped file with module installation on your computer.

Adhere to the following instruction to proceed with the installation process:

1. Open Dashboard area of your Back-End Office. From the list below, activate the "Plugins" section, then press "Add New".

Upload plugin button

2. On the top of the form there is the [Upload Plugin] option (as on the illustration above). Press the button and upload zipped file with the module from the local drive to your Admin panel.

Choose file button

Once you have chosen the required path, click the [Install Now] button (that you can see at the illustration above).

3. Before plugin activating, login to the FTP server by using your FTP setting details. If you do not possess such information, contact your hosting to clarify necessary data and fill the fields listed below:

Installing plugin from uploaded modules step

Press [Proceed] to launch the installation.

4. You will get the message that the module was installed successfully.

Message while module installing

5. Now you can activate plugin to make it usable.

Activate plugin button

From the WordPress site

The WooCommerce Store Manager Connector is already available on the Plugins page of Wordpress marketplace.

Plugins page of wordpress

To upload and install the module at the Back-End follow the following steps:

1. In the Admin Panel go to the "Plugins" sector and with the search field find WooCommerce Store Manager Connector from the available plugins list.

Search Connector

2. Click the [Install Now] button to start installation process.

3. The next step requires the FTP access details to be able to continue. Check your FTP credentials with the web host to install the connector properly and press [Proceed] to help WordPress accept the specified data.

Connection information form

4. Once uploading is completed, you should activate the module in the Admin Panel:

Activate module

Now you have the WooCommerce Store Manager Connector module installed and activated.

Connector activated

Move to the "Settings" page of the plugin to change the default login credentials because of the security reasons.

Upload Module on the FTP Server (manually)

1. Download a file with the module in ZIP format to the local drive. Extract all content from the archive.

2. Connect to the FTP server by using any FTP client. Specify server name, username, and password to be able to log in.

3. Enter to the store root directory - the directory, where the store with all necessary folders (like tmp, wp-admin, wp-content etc) are placed.

4. You should upload unzipped content to the following path: store root directory -> wp-content -> plugins (see an image below).

Drag Connector on FTP

5. Re-login to the Back-End office now by using the admin access details.

6. In the "Plugins" section of Admin Panel choose the "Installed Plugins" position. You should see the Bridge Connector among the installed ones.

Activate plugin in Admin Panel

Click the [Activate] option to make the module activated and usable.

The newly-created section - Bridge Connector - will be added to the available Dashboard list of your store Back-End office.

Bridge Connector position

Configure Connection with your Cloud Store via Connection Wizard in Store Manager


We strongly recommended replacing (changing) default username and password on your own because of security reasons!

Find in the Settings of Bridge Store Manager Connector the necessary fields and specify your own values instead of the default ones (the default password and login are '1' ).

Be sure to click the [Save Settings] button to save the last modifications.

Change default settings page
    1. Launch the Store Manager for WooCommerce now and in the Preferences -> Database connection section run Connection Wizard.

Launch Connection wizard ways

2. Indicate the store URL path:

Indicate the store URL path

3. Select an action below:

Choose connection type

4. Input login and password. These data is specified in Dashboard -> Bridge Connector - > Settings page of the Back-End office.

The [Test Module Connection] button helps to verify the correctness of the configuration details:

Test module connection

5. Move to the final step of the configuration process and press the [OK] button to close the Wizard and connect to the store.

Final Wizard step

In "Preferences", there is an available "WooCommerce Store Manager Connector" type as an alternative way to connect to the store.

Store Manager Connector in Preferences

If you specify the configuration details manually without involving the Wizard Connection tool, make sure the data is configured properly, then press [Test Module Connection] in the "Settings" form before connecting:

Test Module Connection

The positive message allows to connect and start managing the store with Store Manager.