6. Product Tags

Tags are product descriptors that are assigned to a particular product for better organizing and storing. Tags are the kind of keywords or keyword phrases. They will be available for all users who preview a product on the front-end and will display in a block on the product information page.

In the "Product Tags" section of Store Manager you can see the list of all existing tags items:

Use the context menu:

or top toolbar in the "Product Tags" section of Store Manager to perform the following operations:

  • [Refresh] allows updating data on the current page.

  • [Add New]:

  1. "Name" - all tags are displayed in the alphabetical order by Tag Name. Each tag name should be unique. This field is mandatory.

  2. "Slug" - the slug field must be unique too. Slug is a unique version of the tag's name that represents as lowercase units of letters, numbers or hyphens. For example, if your tag's name is "Desserts" and you will specify the slug as "Dishes", it will show all possible variants with Desserts posts by using the following URL path:

like site name.com/some_blog_site/desserts/

3. "Description" - type some details about the tag you want to add.

  • "Eedit selected product tag" - the edit form is similar to the form for adding the new one.

4. "Count" - this column is located in the main tags list and shows the posts number that has the assigned selected tag.

Don't forget to press [Apply] to save your entries.

  • [Delete Selected Product Tags] option in the tags' top toolbar:

  • [Columns for preview]:

  • Use the filters tools, such as [Group Box], "Filter" row, to display data in a predetermined order.

  • To set the width of the columns automatically click the [Auto Width] button.

  • To adjust columns width press the button on the toolbar.

  • If necessary, you can save all product tags' information from the current section of Store Manager separately:

You can add tags to products in a single field with the special option on the toolbar:

Press the [Add Multiple] button on the toolbar to add new items to the existing list:

Newly created tags have automatically specified "Name" and "Slug" fields. Fill manually the "Description" field, if necessary.