Access Management

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Access Ma

nagement allows to create a personal access to the software and its operations. Be default, you have login and password as "admin" with the administrative rights in Store Manager.

If you have a staff of employees who help you to manage the store, but want to provide them with a limited access to certain operations of the program, use the "Access Management" sector of application.

It opens the form where you have to specify the new username and role-name.

Roles Tab

To be able to indicate which operations such user can perform - press the [Add] button in the "Role" tab and assign the appropriate name in the popup box.

Let’s create a new Role with the "Manager" name.

Unselect the "Administrator rights" field to be able to choose the options that can be performed by this user.

You can allow to preview, modify the options or enable the possibility to perform particular operations in Store Manager.

Those operations should be checked (see an illustration above) and saved by pressing the [OK] button to confirm all modifications.

Users Tab

Press the [Add] button and create a new user, specify its name and password to login to Store Manager in the form that appears.

In addition, you can indicate account status (active or inactive) for a particular user, the time of program inactivity in minutes when the program will be automatically logged out from the access management section. Also you can specify user's role. For this, select the role you need to be applied to the current user with all permitted operations, which have been previously checked in the "Roles" tab.

E.g. if the role "Manager" has the permissions only to view certain options, like "Orders", "Custom Reports", "Bridge GET Operations", "Bridge POST Operations", "Coupons", but not edit them, then the user "Senior Manager", who has the role of "Manager", will be able only to view these options, but view and modify the others:

Also, you may change these details simply by choosing the option from the drop-down list:

If you want to check the new user access details, press the top button and select the "Logout" position.

< - Confirm your action by clicking the [Yes] buttonoin the popup box.

You'll see the following screen on Store Manager start-up:

Type the necessary access details and press [OK] to login.

You can create as many users and roles as you need and each time when your employees try to enter to the store database via Store Manager they will receive the message for login details.

Only users registered in the "Access Management" system can enter and operate your store through the application.

< - You are also able to turn off this option - in the drop-down list choose "Remove Protection"

You should note, this can be possible only if you have administrative rights.

Check the online tutorial from the useful article page to get more information about the Access Management system in Store Manager:

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