Automated Product Export

MainAutoExportForm , fmAddSchedulerTask

Automated export of products allows making the data migration (transferring) planned with a certain periodicity.

Automated Product Export Addon

Create or Modify Export Configuration

Use an existing export configuration from a list in the top toolbar and run the export by clicking on the 'Run Export' button located nearby.

Select export config and run export

Or create a new configuration using the button 'Create or Modify Export Configuration', passing through all export wizard steps (click here to get detailed instruction on Export Products Wizard steps) to the final page.

There you should specify in the box below the name of the export configuration file and click to save.

Save export configuration

It will be placed in the list of available configurations in the top panel automatically.

Add current task to the Scheduler

You are able to add the export configuration file to the Scheduler.

Add current export configuration to the Scheduler

It represents with the following fields:

Scheduler form sections

- task name - indicate the task related to the appropriate operation in Store Manager which can be performed automatically;

- task type - typically it uploads automatically;

- task configuration - select from a list the pre-saved configuration related to the operation which is scheduling

Take a note, if you connect to your store via the bridge, you will be able to see two extra fields related to such type of connection.

Get-post fields

The next part of the form relates to the frequency of an operation.

You can choose between monthly, daily or weekly intervals or set a single transaction on a certain day and time.

Schedule period

In addition, the operation along with the main schedule parameters can be repeated.

Repeat task checkbox

The summary results of the task which have already performed you can see in the Automated Product Export form:

Summary results of Automated Product Export

All tasks which are planning to be performed or have already run previously are placed in the Show Scheduled Tasks section of Store Manager:

Show scheduled tasks section