4.1. Create New Order

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Starting from the latest version of WooCommerce Store Manager the order can be created in the "Orders" section with the option located on the top toolbar.

To add a new record press the option as on the illustration below:

Add new order button

The columns with the main order information like order status, first and last name of user, order total, and post date, appear as shown below:

Orders columns

Edit form allows to indicate necessary orders details. There are several tabs at the bottom of the "Orders" section:

1. "Orders details"

In this tab there is the possibility to choose the necessary data by pressing the arrow sign. You can specify the following:

  • Status of order:
Choose order status
  • Customer for the current record:
Customer dropdown list
  • Payment method:
Payment method list

2. Orders Items

  • [Add] a new product to an order opens the "Search" product form. Find items you want to add to, indicating necessary parameters for searching process.
Add product to order
  • [Delete] an item from an order by pressing the button for removal:
delete items form the order
  • To see detailed information on a product related to a certain order, use the button on the toolbar:
Go to Product option
  • Filter options allow you to sort position of products in the necessary order:
Filter tools
  • The [Export Grid] button serves for transferring item details from current tab to a separate file of the following formats:
Export Grid option

3. Shipping

    • Choose a shipping method from the list of available:
Shipping tab

To specify the cost of delivery according to the selected shipping class, press the browser button in the column "Cost" and determine necessary value in the calculator:

Specify cost value
  • [Delete] a record from the list:
Delete shipping
  • Use the [Export Grid] option to save shipping information separately:
Export Grid in Shipping tab

4. Tax Details

If the item has taxes applied in the back-end of the store (Admin Panel), information on that will be available on this tab of Store Manager.

Taxes details tab

There are options for previewing and exporting taxes details to a separate file of the supported format.

Export Grid fro Taxes details

5. Billing Address

This is an address where a customer receives bank statement for his /her credit card. Fill the fields listed in the form shown below with all necessary information and press [Apply] to save the entry.

Billing address

6. Shipping Address

This tab contains actual details of recipient address - the address where ordered products will be delivered. It can be the same as customer billing address or it can differ.

Shipping address

7. Orders Notes

Notes made from the Admin Panel (back-end office of the store) will be visible in this tab of Store Manager:

Order notes tab

When all modifications are done, you will see a newly-created order in the Orders list.

On the right pane of the "Orders" section, there is the filter tool to sort orders by specified parameters. For instance, you can use the appropriate time period for sorting:

Select time period for filtering

or the corresponding order status which will be taken into account when filtering:

Order status for filtering

Please contact us if you have additional questions concerning orders creation.