2. Import Multiple Product Images

Firstly, prepare the file to import . Make sure it is openable and has all necessary columns for transferring (i.e. Product ID or SKU as the main identifiers of Store Manager import).

If the file has an external URLs to the product images provided as usual by supplier, they should have the following format:

The illustrations in the "Product Image Gallery" column are separated from each other by using the '|' delimiter.

Be sure, all images are reachable and acceptable - try to open them in the browser specifying the URL path.

Before starting importing, check the FTP connection in Settings -> Preferences -> FTP. Specify your actual FTP credentials and press the [Test connection] button for verification.

If you get the following message, as on the illustration below, you can proceed.

Launch the Import Products wizard from the top toolbar or from the context menu.

Pass the same steps as during the simple import of products, and pay attention to the "Fields Link" page. Do not forget to link the "Product Image Gallery" column with the relevant field of your store database.

In this case, images will be transferred.

Choose an import identifier by which the Store Manager wizard will define the transferring data.

Note: for updating you should use the ID identifier, and for adding the new records - SKU values only.

Move to the next step - "Options" - and open the Advanced options form . Take into account the "Multiple Values Separator" field - a separator should be the same as in the file to import!

Select the further action for images, which are already in the store, from the drop-down list:

  • If you choose "Use existing image", the new one will not be imported and a product will have the image that was previously assigned

  • "Upload and replace" means that previously assigned images in the store will be changed to new ones from a file

  • "Upload image and generate new name" allows getting new additional images from a file with the regenerated (modified) names, if such images are already existing.

Launch the Import process by pressing the button [Import (Page Down)].

The products will get the updated image gallery:

If you need any further assistance or help on importing products with multiple images, contact us and we will gladly help you.

You can also check the following guide about the process of import images via Import Product Wizard - it could be useful for you.

How to perform WooCommerce Image Import