3.8. Comments and Reviews Management

In Store Manager for WooCommerce, you can add comments and reviews to products in the Products grid.

Also, you can view, edit, delete, import/export reviews and comments in the Comments section.

Add Comments/Reviews

To add a comment/review via Store Manager for WooCommerce, open Catalog > Products.

Select a product in the upper grid and click [Add Comment]:

Fill in the Comment form.

Expand the Type field drop-down to select Comment or Rating.

If you select Rating, the field to specify stars will appear.

After you have filled in the comments details, click [OK].

To add the comment to the product, click [Apply] . To discard the changes, click [Cancel].

Manage Comments/Reviews

To manage WooCommerce comments and reviews in Store Manager, go to Catalog > Comments:

Operations you can perform over comments and reviews in Store Manager for WooCommerce:

Edit - select a comment in the upper grid and edit its details in the lower grid. When you're done, press "Apply changes".

To edit comments in bulk, select records in the grid and specify new values for selected records in the lower grid:

Delete - select comment(s) in the grid and press Delete to remove them.

Search - search for comments using the advanced search tool.

Columns for preview - check the columns to be displayed in the grid.

Export grid - export records from the grid in the following formats: .html, .xml, .txt, .csv, .xls, .xlsx.