4.2. Create Order via POS


To improve order management and business performance, in general, you can use a new feature in the "Customers & Orders" sector of Store Manager for WooCommerce - "Point of Sale" (POS).

It is convenient that the order is created instantly, as a result of scanning barcodes of products through customized barcode scanner, or manually, by adding a product(s) via the search field in the POS form.

To start working with the option, go to Orders - > Point of Sale:

Create an order with the Barcode Scanner tool

To be able to scan barcodes of products, you should make preparatory actions. Go to "Scanner Settings" by using the option at the bottom of the form, and press "Barcode Scanner" to set necessary details.

Choose one of two conditions there:

If you choose the second option of the scanner settings - "Handle as barcode scanner" and select a necessary device from the available list, a scanner will implement operations depending on the sector of Store Manager, which is currently opened.

The products, which codes have been scanned before, will display in the list automatically.

Add Order to the Orders List Manually

To launch POS, go to the "Orders" tab of Store Manager and choose an appropriate feature from the "Point of Sale" section, or use the F11 hotkey.

The POS form can be visually divided into the following sections:

1. Quick Add Product

The first (1) allows searching the necessary items to submit them to an order.

< - Click this button to choose identifiers for searching from the list

Then specify some product details in the search field. The existing product range will be filtered according to the selected determinants

2. Fields to search in

In this sector (2), filtered results will be displayed in the table.

Some tips to use in the tabled data:

  • Press [Enter] and stay on the field you want to edit: one click on the [Enter] button and you can manually change the quantity of ordered product(s):

Double-click on the [Enter] option allows to modify the price of the selected product(s).

3. Customer Info

Information on a customer(s) displays in the "Customer Info" sector (3).

To attach a new customer to a certain order, you should click the [New Customer] button and specify required data in the fields of the form that will appear.

Use the search option to upload the existing customer and customer’s details.

< - You can make changes of a selected user (customer) details by clicking on the edit button.

4. Delivery and Payment Method

The next sector of POS (4) consists of the fields that can be changed with the [Edit] option. It activates the drop-down lists opposite of each row. These lists form based on the data prescribed in Admin Panel.

Note: the field with an order status is required when you are creating an order (marked with an asterisk).

There are price indicators at the bottom of the POS window (5) - the total columns of the order price with/without taxes:

You can perform the following actions with the lower options in the POS form (6):

  • [Cash & Change] opens the ambedded calculator embedded.

  • [Search Product] finds a necessary product.

  • [Create & Print] - create and print an invoice for an order.

  • [Create & Stay] - create an order with the specified details but keep staying in the POS section for further manipulations.

  • [Create and Exit] - add a new order and exit the POS section.

  • [Help] redirects your request to the online documentation.

Please note, starting from the latest update of Store Manager for WooCommerce (version 1.10.0:759), it is possible to create a new order without exiting the current section. This option is available after pressing the [Create & Print] button at the bottom of an invoice form:

Note: the latest version of WooCommerce (i.e. ver. 1.11.0:811) enables forming and printing a receipt for an order directly in the "Point of Sale" section. Form now, the [Scanner Settings] button contains an extra option (see the screen-capture, presented below):

On the "Preferences" page, choose the printer from the drop-down list and specify the receipt format (size in millimeters) to be able to proceed:

Press [OK] to save the configuration.

You can check createdd order on the "Orders" page of Store Manager.