5. Raw Table Editor



This section makes it possible to work with tables of database store directly and requires certain skills. When you move to the Raw Table Editor, on the left pane you can see a list with tables' names and in the right,

after double-clicking on one of them - the content of the table.

Raw table editoroption

Information represents in three tabs:

Data tab displays all data stored in table cells, showing the actual table.

DDL - covers the table's data in the so-called Data Definition Language (the language that provides information or data structure of your store database). A subset of SQL commands is common.

DDL tab

Fields tab shows a table, structured by fields.

Fields tab

If you select more than one tables, the contents of each of them display in separate tabs. Moving from one table to another can be possible simply by clicking on the relevant tab.

Separate table tabs

Among the general options of this section there are some typical for Store Manager instruments as Export to Excel, Export to HTML and Edit as HTML options. The last one is active only for selected table in Data tab.

By pressing it, the HTML Editor form appears to facilitate edit any text in table cells and see its actual view.

Raw table toolbar