1.7. FTP, SFTP, FTPS or FTPES Connection


To be able to operate your store media file (import, upload, preview), you have to configure FTP connection properly.

Move to the "Settings" tab of Store Manager and open "Preferences". There is the "FTP" section among the relisted operations:

Specify the main FTP credentials as:

  • "Server address". It can be your IP address or domain name of the FTP server. Type name without prefixes or suffixes! For example, if your store is placed on http://www.my_store.com/, use this credential - www.my_store.com/ or if your store is located on this link - www.my_store.com/ - use this path - my_store.com and so on.

  • FTP "User Name" and "Password". Specify your access details to the FTP server. If you do not know them - contact with your Hosting company and request necessary details.

  • "Store root directory" is a default directory, where your shopping cart is installed. To facilitate your choice use the browse button.

If you get the following message after you pressed the [Test Connection] button:

Please make sure you have specified the correct directory, where are the administrative folders, media gallery folders and other folders with your store's data.

Additional settings:

  • "Max FTP threads" - the number of threads allowed. Can be used if your Hosting Company has any limitations on the number of threads.

Permissions for new folders and uploaded files set by default and account for 775, but allows you to change the file permissions of files and folders on your own;

  • "Connection timeout (seconds)" - set by default as 5 sec, you can change this interval to a greater manually specifying the actual value.

  • "Cache images on local drive" checkbox has to be enabled to cache images downloaded to Store Manager.

[Clear Images Cache] - clear local images cache.

Note: FTP account (settings - login/password) used for images management must have rights to read/write appropriate directories otherwise FTP feature may not work properly.

Note: Difference between FTP and SFTP is in using passive different port number for both of them. SFTP connection allows to configure more secure configuration with your server by helping with password or private key:

Difference between FTP and FTPS , FTPES is in using passive mode.

Click the [Test Connection] button to verify whether all settings you have specified are correct. If everything is correct, you should see "FTP was connected successfully" message.