QuickBooks Integration Addon


This addon helps to export and synchronize products and customers details between an online store and an account page in QuickBooks Accounting System. You can export orders information, as well.

The QuickBooks Integration addon is now available on the top menu of Store Manager for WooCommerce:

You can also launch the addon from the context products menu:

The addon is unregistered, by default, and works in Demo Mode. It means you can process only 5 records at once in one operation:

To use the QuickBooks Integration addon in full, you should purchase a separate license at the order page and specify the addon's license key in the appropriate form by following one of the possible ways:

1. Go to Preferences -> Addons - > click the "Unregistered" sign opposite the addons name:

2. Launch the addon from the top Store Manager menu and confirm the registration that appears in the pop-up message on the initial page of the addon wizard:

To get the detailed information on addon's operations you can by visiting the addon's documentation page:

QuickBooks Integration Addon.