Shipping Classes


By helping with Shipping classes you can group (merge) products on shipping parameter (method). Shipping classes can be applied to a certain type of products and product groups.

They include different shipping methods and time depending on the products which will be ordered and the carrier which will perform the delivery.

Use the shipping classes section of Store Manager to add the appropriate position and provide it with the name and description values. In the form of creation you can see the following fields:

Shipping Classes Edit form

Do not forget to press ‘Apply’ to save your entries.

‘Edit Shipping Class’ option opens the Edit form with the same as in the form for addition fields. You can change existing data on the other values and press ‘Apply’ to update last changes.

To clear shipping list from unused records press ‘Delete Shipping Class’ button in the top toolbar.

Delete shipping class option

‘Columns for Preview’ option allows to choose the data which you want to be displayed in the Shipping Classes list.

Columns for preview option

To expand/collapse and automatic adjustment the shipping classes columns width use the options in the top toolbar:

Expand/collapse columns width

When shipping class is created you can link it to the appropriate product.

In the Shipping tab of Product Edit form choose for assignment the available from a classes list position and press ‘Apply’ to keep your choice.

Shipping tab in Products page

The following guide contains more additional information on Shipping Classes creation and assignment:

How to Create WooCommerce Shipping Classes and Assign Them to Products

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