3.6 Mass Product Changer




In case you need update data for multiple products at once use the Mass Product Changer in the top Products Menu :

Mass Changer option

or via context menu list:

Mass Changer context menu

It represents the form where you can choose necessary fields to update and indicate new values.

Mass Changer form

From the drop-down list choose the field which data you want to be changed (modified).

Choose field which should beapdated

Depending on the field you have chosen in the first box you have an opportunity to chose the one of the following action in the second box:

- set to - set fixed value for all data which are updating.

Please note, for image updating current position allows to upload featured image locally or from the media gallery .

Set to variant for Featured Image field

For such field as ‘Description’, you can upload the required text by using the HTML editor tool etc.

HTML Editor for Description field

- replace value - allows specify the value, you want to replace for certain products in "Find Value" field, respectively in "Replace with" field you should indicate the value, previous one should be replaced by;

Replace value field

- use the expression - create and use expression formula for modification value in the particular field:

Use expression editor

- increase/decrease by value - specify the number of units on which will be increased or reduced the previous value of this field.

Increase/decrease by value field

You can add as many fields to update as you need by clicking "Add Line" option . In each field, select the appropriate value which is modifying and significance being changed after processing.

Add Line option

Use ‘Clear All’ option in the left upper corner to remove all previously created positions at once:

Clear all button

To be able to delete separate positions use the options opposite each field :

Options for removal

In the top you can choose one of the following variants:

- update data of all products at your store;

- update only pre-selected items.

Upper options

In the lower part of the form, you can see the area for uploading and saving mass changer configuration.

To be able to upload previously saved configuration from mass products changer form directly use the next option:

Upload configuration

Or pull configuration from a file by using the triangle option.

Open configuration from a file

In case you need to save particular configuration for the next operations, specify configuration name in the appropriate field and use the options to save it directly to the mass changer list or to a separate file:

Save configuration

If you need to clear selected configuration press ‘Delete configuration’ option below:

Delete configuration

Is your configuration ready to process? - click on the Preview button to see what data will be updated and check its correctness:

Preview option

If you see some discrepancies you can easily return to the initial step of Mass Changer form and make necessary corrections:

Back option

To start updating hit ‘OK’ button or ‘Cancel’ button to discard your actions and exit from the Mass Changer form.

Use the following link to get the detailed information concerning update product data via Mass Changer :

Bulk WooCommerce Product Update via Mass changer: Detailed Tutorial

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