Addons Registration

Take a note, by default the eBay Integration addon in Store Manager for WooCommerce is unregistered. To check its status, go to Settings -> Preferences -> Addons:

Status in color

Once you click the status sign, you can see the form for addons registration:

Form for Registration in Preferences

After addons purchase, you will get the license key on your email. You should specify it in the "License Key*" field of the registration form.

To order the addon visit this page - eBay Integration for WooCommerce – Store Manager Addon

Once the license key is indicated, the program starts the verification process. Durng this process the status of the addon will change:

eBay key verification

When the status is "Registered", the addon is ready to be used in full:

Addon is registered

Take into account, the registration process can also be launched from the Addon's Welcome page:

Welcome page Addon's Registration

In that case you will see the similar form for registration, which has been considered above, with the same field for a license key insertion.

Important: to get the license key you need to make the purchase of the eBay Integration addon our official online store.

Please contact us if any questions occur or you need some assistance regarding addon's functionality, and we will gladly provide you with necessary information.