3.1.1 Custom Fields


To add extra information on the products, i.e. custom fields, use the same-named tab in Store Manager's lower grid.

Starting from the last update (ver. 1.13.0 Build:913) the possibility to add the custom fields is available.

Press the appropriate tab and open the form to manage.

The list of available custom fields is represented in the left column. Click the arrow to see it:

With the upper top toolbar, you can perform the following operations:

  • [Add] allows creating new fields for extra information and add it to the existing custom fields' list.

  • Filter options, such as filter row and group box will be available after pressing the next options:

  • There is a wide list of possible file formats which the data from the current tab can be exported to:

  • [Delete] selected position from the existing list:

  • Options for editing:

          • In case you use the Serialized Data, press the relevant button on the top toolbar to launch the Editor:

            • For Data in JSON, open the edit form of the corresponding format after pressing the following option:


To be able to see custom fields in Admin Panel of the store, the relevant checkbox should be selected.

    1. Go to Dashboard - > Products - > Edit Product

2. In the "Product Editor" click the [Screen Options] button in the upper right side of the screen to launch the pop-up menu.

3. Select the necessary checkbox to enable the Custom Fields.

You are able to see the custom fields now.

Contact with our support center to get more detailed information and assistance on Custom Options feature in Store Manager.

We can also offer you an overview of the following article, which contains information on this theme as well:

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